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Looking for An Appointment for Yourself or a Group?

Are you looking for more information about retirement? You can schedule:

                                   -an individual appointment or
                                   -a group appointment (with 5 or more people)

with Kelly McCracken, Executive Director.  When booking the appointment, you have the option to meet in-person, via Zoom or by phone. 

If you have already had a retirement counseling session and are just looking for an updated estimate, please fax the Retirement Estimate Request Form to us at (508) 696-3847.  Make sure to sign the form!  Signatures must be clear and legible in order for us to send estimates.

Retiree COLA Increase Information

At their monthly meeting on April 13, 2023, the Dukes County Retirement Board voted to approve an additional 2% COLA increase for retirees for FY23. The increase also needs to be accepted by the Dukes County Commissioners and the Boards of Selectmen of all 6 Island towns and Gosnold to become effective.  If approved, this increase will be retroactive to July 1, 2022. Please check back for updates.

The current COLA base is $14,000.  The Dukes County Retirement Board has approved an increase to $15,000 to be effective in FY24.

Will Collecting A Pension Impact My Social Security?

Are you wondering if your pension will impact your Social Security?  Have you heard of the Windfall Elimination Provision and Government Pension Offset, but aren’t sure what they are or how they could potentially impact you?  For more information on this topic, click here.

Wellness News

Would you like to focus on Wellness in the New Year?  Be Well MV is a wellness resource that is sponsored by the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group.  Their goal is to improve the overall health, well-being and quality of life of all CCMHG members by promoting the 8 Dimensions of Wellness as well as to create opportunities that empower, educate and model positive attitudes and behaviors through a lifelong commitment to wellness.  Check out their website to find out more about eligibility requirements and the great programs they offer.

Health Insurance Benefit Comparisons:

Member units* in the Dukes County Contributory Retirement System provide health insurance benefits to their eligible active employees and retirees through the Cape Cod Municipal Health Group (CCMHG). You can find information about insurance options available to active employees as well as retirees on their website.  Below is a link to their Benefit Comparison documents:

Active Employee & Retirees Under Age 65 – Plans Effective 7/1/22 – 6/30/23:

CCMHG FY23 HMO, PPO, MHP Comparison
CCMHG FY23 HMO, PPO Benefit Comparison

Active Employee & Retirees Under Age 65 – Plans Effective 7/1/23 – 6/30/24:

CCMHG FY24 HMO, PPO, MHP Benefit Comparison
CCMHG FY24 HMO, PPO Benefit Comparison
CCMHG FY24 HSA Benefit Comparison

Retirees Over Age 65 – Plans Effective 1/1/23 – 12/31/23:

CCMHG Medicare Advantage HMO Plan Chart
CCMHG Medicare Supplement Plan Chart

Active members, members who are contemplating retirement, and current retirees should contact the Treasurer, Human Resources Office or Benefits Coordinator at their employing unit for information regarding post-retirement health benefits; enrollment, rates, eligibility requirements, and other plan information.